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GHBk – Getting Happy Book

Who needs a whole series of books about getting happy, right? There are already lots of books about happiness and getting happy. Who needs a whole series?

Those are good points and questions. I asked them, too, when I started thinking about a book series. Who is ever going to want to read a whole series of books? But then, that’s the point, isn’t it? No one is going to read the whole series. Everyone is going to read the book that speaks to their need.

The questions got me thinking about Jack Canfield and his Chicken Soup series. It also got me thinking about a friend who knows more about marketing than anyone I’ve ever met: Dan Kennedy.

Jack started with Chicken Soup For The Soul. When that book was successful, he started writing more titles with a niche focus. That got me thinking about something Dan once said about people asking questions. He said it made no difference how many examples he gave while speaking. People still came up to him afterward asking how to make his advice work for their specific situation.

This is the reason for the series. Yes, everyone wants to get happy, but they all have different situations. No one just wants to get happy. People want to get happy as a university freshman, going into marriage, after someone dies, or when their marriage gets boring.

It’s funny. We’re all generally happy until we get a burr under our saddle. Then we start looking for a way to get happy, but what we really want is a way to deal with the burr under our saddle. This is why it’s a book series. And it’s why every book comes with a free digital workbook.

Reading a book about how someone in our situation got happy is good. It gives us ideas and gets us thinking. Sometimes, what we can really use is a guide to making changes in our life so we know getting happy is more than a temporary fix.

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