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CERIOHS – Cranium Ex Rectum Institute of Happiness Studies

Why CERIOHS Matters

CERIOHS is about having fun. It’s about finding our way back to a child’s innocence – when we told the truth, shared our toys, and trusted each other automatically.

Does it make you laugh or cringe? You know, someone once admonished me about using the word rectum when working with youth. As if that’s the worst word youth will ever hear, right?

The truth is, your reaction says an awful lot about you. People who laugh at Cranium Ex Rectum get it – it’s funny and we’re supposed to laugh at ourselves. People upset by the phrase are most in need of learning its value. The more upset you get, the more you need to chill out and take life a little less seriously.

What CERIOHS Means

What does it mean – Cranium Ex Rectum? Yea, sure, there’s the crass version we’ve all heard yelled or said in anger. Well, cranium ex rectum means the same thing literally, but it’s a lot funnier (and milder) in the Latin. You have to think about it a little to get it.

But the meaning is a little deeper, too. We often think of the cranium and the head being the same, but they’re slightly different. The cranium is really just the part of the skull enclosing the brain. Cranium Ex Rectum is about getting your brain unstuck from bad thought habits.

Rectum, on the other end, is the final section of the large intestine. Your arse is the big fleshy muscles of your bum. Your anus is the strong muscle that holds everything closed. And the rectum is the last place poop gathers before being pushed out of your body.

And if you know anything about me, you know I’m big on PEP versus POOP. So it really strikes me as appropriate – Cranium Ex Rectum – get your brain free of the POOP in your life.


CERIOHS – Cranium Ex Rectum Institute of Happiness Studies is about replacing the personally obstructive, offensive practices (POOP) we so often use with personal empowerment practices (PEP). CERIOHS combines self-image engineering, personal responsibility, community accountability, and active listening.

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What is CERIOHS and why do we need it? The answers will surprise and might even offend.
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